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Summer School 2024


Mr. Stephen Honerkamp

Summer School Principal

(516) 792-4100 (June)

(516) 792-4337 (Summer)

Email Mr. Honerkamp


Mr. Joseph Virgilio

Summer School Assistant Principal

Email Mr. Virgilio

Summer School Schedule:

Three 90-minute periods per day

Period  1:   7:20 - 8:50 AM Period  2:   8:55 - 10:25 AM Period  3:  10:30 AM - 12:00 Noon


Ongoing for Hewlett High School and Woodmere Middle School students

Final date to register: July 1st

Registration is located at the WMS and HHS PPS Offices

G.W. Hewlett High School

Dr. Alexandra Greenberg, Principal

60 Everit Avenue

Hewlett, NY 11557


Woodmere Middle School

Dr. Al Bauer, Principal

1170 Peninsula Blvd.

Hewlett, NY 11557


Click here to download the Summer School Brochure in English 

The Summer School Brochure is also available in the following languages:

En Español             בעברית           En Français

This program is designed to serve students who have failed courses during the regular school year.

General Information:

Summer School will be in session for 23 days.   The program runs from Tuesday, July 9th through Thursday, August 15th (Note: No classes on Fridays).  Final examinations will be administered on August 15th. All courses have final exams and all students must take the exams on the regularly scheduled examination day. Under no circumstances will final examinations be administered prior to the scheduled date.

All students must be residents of the Hewlett-Woodmere School District.  A student will be allowed to register for summer school courses only if they have written permission from the guidance counselor and/or principal.  Students must sign a registration card that outlines the attendance policy and includes emergency contact information.

IMPORTANT: Summer School will be in person at Woodmere Middle School. Attendance is mandatory and there are no excused absences.

  • There is a 2 absence Maximum (3 lates equals 1 absence).
  • Students must adhere to the District Code of Conduct.
  • Students in violation of the Code of Conduct or Integrity Code may be removed from summer school.

Important Dates:

Ongoing until July 1st


Tuesday, July 9th

First Day of Regular Instruction

Thursday, August 15th

 Last Day of Regular Class

School Final Examinations

Earth Science Practical


Student Attendance: Student must be registered and attend assigned classes for the duration of each class.

  • Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each course session.
  • Three (3) late arrivals to class equals one (1) absence.
  • After two (2) absences from course, student will be denied credit for the course. There are no excused absences.
  • Final grade will be impacted by lateness and absences.

Regulations and Facilities

Pupil Attire

Students must wear clothing that does not interfere with the educational program or endanger the welfare and safety of other students. They will be in an air conditioned facility. Although informal attire is permissible during the summer months, standards of good taste should be maintained.  Shirts and shoes or sneakers must be worn. Beachwear is not permitted.  Students who violate these standards may be sent home and an absence noted on their records.

Electronic Devices

Cellular phones may be brought to class but must be turned off. No student may use a cellular phone inside the building.

Code of Conduct

Students are expected to follow the District Code of Conduct. Students in violation of the Code of Conduct may be removed from the summer school program. There is to be absolutely NO SMOKING/VAPING on school grounds, including the school parking areas.  Students who smoke will be subject to expulsion from the program.


Parents/students are responsible for providing transportation to and from school. The summer school is not responsible for cars, bicycles, or any other mode of transportation brought to school by students.

Use of Building

Students should enter the building through the Main Entrance only. Additional changes to entrance and exit of school will be made on the 1st day of school.


A progress report and final grade will be available to parents through the Parent Portal one day after posting.  In-District private school students’ final grades will be mailed to the principal of the student’s home school.  A passing grade for the course work, Regents, and school exams is 65%. 

Contact with Teachers

Parents who wish to confer with teachers are invited to call the office in advance and request an appointment.

Tentative Course Offerings: (no fee for courses)

No student may receive credit for courses for which credit has previously been given.   All courses are one period, 90 minutes in length.  Please note that the offerings are tentative and subject to change. Students may attend Lynbrook High School summer school if enrollment is too low at Hewlett High School for a course to run.

English 9, 10 , 11, & 12                  Spanish 1,2,3       Global 1, 2           US History, and  PIG/Economics

Living Environment, Earth Science, Chemistry        Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2/Trig               Physical Education

Math 7 & 8        English 7 & 8      Science 7 & 8       Social Studies 7th & 8th


August 2024 Regents Examination Schedule

Monday, August 19th Tuesday, August 20th

8:30 AM

Algebra I 

English Language Arts

8:30 AM

Earth Science, Chemistry

US History and Government

12:30 PM 

Global History & Geography II

Algebra II

12:30 PM


Living Environment