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Community service and participation in government may be requirements for graduation, but Hewlett students participate in and originate humanitarian projects wholeheartedly, becoming involved long before their senior year. Students may earn Silver Cord Recognition at graduation if they have met the prescribed hours of voluntary service beyond the required hours. Other traditions bind the HHS community through shared experiences.

The Friends Program unites older high school students with younger children to help them with homework, reading and other needs. Rock and Wrap It Up, a national food recovery campaign, relies on Hewlett High School students to help feed the area's needy families. The Five Towns Community Chest receives broad support from local high school students through fundraisers and other volunteer work.

Hewlett's annual Cabaret Night serves not only as a showcase for impressive student musical, dramatic and comedic talent, but also as a fundraiser for the Sloan Kettering pediatric wing, in memory of HHS student Laura Rosenberg. An alumni association with a large and active membership keeps graduates coming back home to Hewlett.

Beyond the walls of the school, Hewlett students have traveled to the Galapagos Islands, Italy, England, Russia, Spain and France and throughout the United States to perform, study, exchange home stays and make friends.

Students have an active voice in the governance of Hewlett High School through Student Council, Site-Based Shared Decision-Making Team, and the Principal’s Advisory Committee. The award-winning school newspaper, Spectrum, is a forum for the exchange of ideas and opinions. Annually, juniors in English 11 Honors classes participate in the Book Trials Program, an opportunity to examine censorship issues and the literary merit of a controversial text. Hewlett hosts a Model Congress in April attended by over 300 “foreign delegates” from other high schools at which students debate the political issues of the day.

Hewlett High School is a constantly evolving organization dedicated to expanded opportunities for young adults to experience academic and personal growth.