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Resources for Parents

How to Help your Middle or High-Schooler Manage Overexcitement!

A practical article on managing and assisting social situations that may lead to situations that are sensory "overloading" to some youngsters.  

ADHD and Sugar

A great (and brief article) from a developmental pediatrician on the "age old question" regarding sugar intake and its impact on youngsters who are diagnosed with ADHD.

 Famous / Successful People with Learning Differences

It is always important for youngsters to see positive role models who manage their learning differences and learn how to compensate in their daily lives..... 

Want to ace that test? Get the right kind of sleep........

A great article about the importance of regular sleep and its impact on academic performance. 

Q & A: Plumbing the Mysteries of the Teenage Brian

Often the most forgotten developmental stages, adolescence is riddled with changes, challenges and lots of brain plasticity. This is a great article that reminds us of this very important and crucial stage.