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Learning Center Contact Information

The Learning Center Staff

Dr. Elizabeth Ruiz Quintana, Chairperson



Teaching Staff:



Name                                                      Email

Mrs. Bernadette Canny                  

Mrs. Kaitlin Coder                       

Mr. William Dubin                        

Mrs. Jennifer Ferrentino                         jferrentino@hewlett-woodmere.nt

Ms. Elizabeth Forelli                     

Mrs. Angela Galtieri                       

Mrs. Rosemarie Harris                 

Mr. James Hennessy                    

Mr. David Hess                            

Mrs. Pamela Korn                          

Mr. Robert Lalima                        

Mrs. Lynn McNamara                   

Ms. Jill Loveland                          

Ms. Joanna Krul                          

Ms. Alexandra Pedone                 

Ms. Anne Salerno                        

Ms. Jill Shanahan                          

Ms. Brianne Stillman                     

Mrs. Jennifer Trow                       

Mrs. Lori Valdez                          

Mrs. Sharon Weinstein                 

Mrs. Kimberly Zajaczkowski      


Speech and Language Therapists:


Mrs. Kathleen Wozniak                 

Mrs. Laura Milone