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Information about the ACT Exam



ACT and Students with Disabilities   

The ACT Examination is typically administered during the junior year of most high school students. ACT provides three different tiers of services and accommodations for students with disabilities and with approved ACT testing accommodations. The three tiers of accommodations are categorized by the location of the testing-they are either center or special testing.  

Two of those tiers that are provided at centers are: National Standard Time with Accommodations and National Extended Time (50% more). Center testing accommodations indicate that the student may register at any available testing location-that has availability. Centers are equipped to handle typical testing accommodations and will do so on the day of testing. However, effective the fall of 2018, ACT changed the administration of extended time. Please read the following link: Change in Self-Paced Time and a half.   

The last tier is Special Testing. Special Testing is designed for students who require accommodations that cannot be met in regular test centers. Some of those accommodations may include: double time, reader, special formats, etc. School based testing is handled at the student's local school and testing arrangements are made with the appropriate testing staff.    For all accommodations students need to submit appropriate documentation along with the application for testing. Unlike College Board, students need to apply for the accommodations and test at the same time.  

The following link will provide you with information regarding guidelines for determining appropriate testing tier and applications for testing according to testing need:   

Information Regarding ACT for Students with Disabilities  

ACT 2018-19 Test Dates

Consent Form to Release Information to ACT: Return to Dr. Einberg or Dr. Ruiz Quintana     

Important information: Once a student has registered for the ACT and he/she has requested testing accommodations, ACT will generate two separate emails that will be mailed the student and his/her parent. One email will confirm payment. The second email titled: Requesting Accommodations on the ACT needs to be forwarded to Dr. Ruiz Quintana at the following email account: This email puts forth in the motion the submission for testing accommodations. This is a crucial step in generating this process. Any questions or concerns: Contact Dr. Ruiz Quintana 792.4145.