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    Services for Students with Disabilities from College Board For PSATs, SATs, SAT II (Subject Tests) and AP Exams   

Students with approved testing accommodations that are granted via IEPs or 504 plans should apply to College Board Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) no later than then spring semester of their freshman year*. Accommodations granted through College Board's SSD's process encompass the following exams: PSATs, SATs, SAT II (Subject Tests), and AP Examinations. If accommodations are approved and provided by SSD, students will be entitled to those accommodations for the remainder of their high school career.

Accommodations granted by College Board are categorized into two groups: test center and school-based accommodations. Test center accommodations are those that students can access at any designated test center by College Board. Examples of possible accommodations can entail: time and a half (on all exams), breaks, and small group testing. School-based accommodations are those that are handled by the student's home school and require special testing conditions. These accommodations may entail: double time (on all exams), reader services, specialized testing conditions due to medical or physical conditions, etc. 

Applications to the SSD can be obtained in the link provided below or in the PPS Office from Dr. Einberg or Dr. Ruiz Quintana. Once a form is filled, completed and signed by both the parent and the student, it should be returned to the PPS. Dr. Ruiz Quintana, the SSD Coordinator, processes the application via an electronic system. Parents will usually receive notification within six weeks of the application. Notification is mailed directly from College Board.   

Once students are approved, they are provided with an SSD number by College Board. Upon registration for a particular exam, students need to enter their SSD number onto the registration system in order for students to receive approved testing accommodations. 

*With the exception of those students that my be enrolled in Living Environment Honors as students in enrolled in these course may participate in the administration of the SAT II Subject Tests administered in May of their freshman year. 

SAT 2018-19 Test Dates  

SSD Application (Return to Dr. Einberg or Dr. Ruiz Quintana)