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Students and Their Research


Students from G.W. Hewlett High School have been able to participate and received distinctions from local, state, national and international science competitions.

2021 Regeneron STS

  • Alex Breslav, Semifinalist or Scholar
  • Alicia Hsu, Semifinalist or Scholar

2021 Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (JSHS) 

  • Blake Lippman, Regional Semifinalist, 2nd Place in Category of Environmental Science
  • Ethan Eisenberg, Regional Semifinalist, 3rd Place in Category of Computer Science
  • Alexander Kesin, Regional Semifinalist
  • Elizabeth Son, Regional Semifinalist
  • Emma Van Steertegem, Regional Semifinalist

2021 Long Island Science and Engineering Fair (LISEF) 

  • Blake Lippman, 1st Place in Plant Science; ISEF Finalist
  • Benjamin Sherman, 3rd Place in Energy Sustainable Materials & Design

2021 New York State Science & Engineering Fair 

  • Benjamin Sherman, 1st Place in Energy Sustainable Materials & Design, ISEF Finalist
  • Alexander Kesin, 1st Place in Behavioral Science, ISEF Finalist
  • Blake Lippman, 2nd Place in Plant Science

2021 GENIUS Olympiad National Finalists: 

  • Blake Lippman
  • Benjamin Sherman
  • Alice Fried
  • Natalie Popilevsky
  • Sasiru Pathiranage


  • Ethan Eisenberg and Jack Cox (2019). Stability Enhancement of Perovskite Solar Cells Using Mixed Cation/Halide Perovskite. Poster Presentation at the 2019 Materials Research Society and the 2020 American Chemical Society.
  • Chavre, B.M.; Jiang, K.; St. Surin, L.G.; Bissoondial, T.; Zhou, P.; Li, J.; Gadhiya, S.V.; Goldberg, I.D.; Narayan, P. Remodeling of Intrahepatic Ducts in a Model of Caroli Syndrome: Is Scar Carcinoma a Consequence of Laplace’s Law? Med. Sci. 2019, 7, 55.
  • Samantha B. Regan, Zuha Anwar, Patricia Miraflor, Libra B. Williams, Sarah Shetty, Juan Sepulveda, Jake Moreh, Sam Bogdanov, Sylvia Haigh, Abigail Lustig, Steffi Gaehde, Anthony Vartanian, Noah Rubin, Jennifer R. Linden. Identification Of Epsilon Toxin-Producing Clostridium Perfringens Strains In American Retail Food". Anaerobe, vol 54, 2018, pp. 124-127.
  • Bahadori, A., Holt, W. E., Kim, J., Rasbury, T., Shen, W., & Grossman, J. (2018, 08). The role of rheological evolution on active deformation of Southwestern North America within the Pacific-North America Plate Boundary Zone since the Oligocene. Poster Presentation at 2018 SCEC Annual Meeting.
  • Holt, W. E., Bahadori, A., Kim, J., Rasbury, T., Shen, W., & Grossman, J. (2018, 10). Fluorine concentrations in geothermal springs as an indicator of rheological weakening promoting active deformation in Western North America. Presentation at 2018 AGU Annual Meeting.