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Science Department 
The Science Department at Hewlett High School inspires its students towards excellence. We have worked to develop a curriculum that ignites the desire in our students to become life long learners, and pursue a greater understanding of the world in which they live. All courses offered to students provide understanding of fundamental principles in science with a major focus on real world knowledge provided by hands-on laboratory experiences carried out in “state of the art” equipped lab facilities. Students have a wide range of courses to choose from including Regents level, accelerated and advanced placement courses that examine both “the Living Environment and the Physical Setting”, as well as elective courses in, Astronomy, The Exploration of Space, Forensic Science, Marine Biology, Unified Science/Science and Society. For those students interested in first hand research experience, we provide them with the opportunity to design, develop, and present their own original research, through our Introduction to Science and Biotechnology Research Courses, and eventually earn up to six college credits through our partnership with the University at Albany Science Research Program.Students are also encouraged to join the Environmental Club which works to address environmental issues that affect the entire community. The Science Olympiad Team provides those students who are interested in competing on a county, state, and national level an opportunity to pursue their passion for science learning and challenge their knowledge against teams of their peers. The Science Peer Tutoring Program allows those students with a specific talent for science to work with and influence other students in the building. It is our ongoing commitment to provide the students of Hewlett High School the opportunity to pursue a greater understanding of the world in which they live.