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Physical Education

Physical Education   All high school students will have an opportunity to elect the following courses:  
Aerobics                                  Paddleball                   
Badminton Self Defense
Basketball Slimnastics
Cycling Soccer
Fencing Softball
Field Hockey Speedball
Fitness Step Aerobics
Fitness Lab Swimming
Flag Football Team Handball
Golf Tennis
Handball Touch Football
Indoor Soccer Track and Field
Jogging Volleyball
Lifesaving Weight Training
Modern Dance Yoga

The Physical Education Department goal is that all students will have the necessary knowledge and skills to establish and maintain physical fitness, participate in physical activity and maintain personal health.  

Freshman and Sophomores  

The physical education program offers instruction in individual, team, co-educational and lifetime activities. The emphasis of the program is the development of skills, knowledge and understanding of sports concepts. The students shall meet every other day of the six day cycle. They shall be provided with a lab experience in fitness and wellness. Freshman and Sophomore girls and boys are required to complete one unit of swim as a graduation pre-requisite. Students shall be given screening tests in order to place them in their appropriate swim levels.  

Juniors and Seniors  

The physical education program consists of a wide range of activities geared to meet the varied needs, interests and skill levels of the student body. The students are expected to demonstrate an ability to interact athletically and socially within the class structure. The students shall meet every other day on the six day cycle. This rotation will give the students an increased opportunity for instruction. Written diagnostic tests, written culminating unit tests and physical skills tests will be required course work.