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Library Policy


The library stimulates each student's intellectual development by fulfilling curriculum demands and independent reading and research. Our high school is privileged to maintain a facility that provides the use of sophisticated electronic equipment and a valuable collection of resources in varied formats.

Student work within the library is an inextricable part of the educational process and, a learning environment must prevail. To maintain this atmosphere, students must observe simple courtesies and respect for others.  In addition to the building code of conduct, the following rules apply:  

  1. NO food or drink allowed in the library.  Please utilize the student commons for those purposes.  
  2. Students will work quietly.  Soft conversation is appropriate. 
  3. The two back rooms are available for group work or quiet study 1 or 2 students max   
  4. Circulating books are checked out for a period of three weeks. Please return your materials by the due date. A fine of $.05 a day per book will be charged. If you need a book for a longer period of time, please come in and renew it. 
  5.  Computers are available for your use.  Please use them appropriately, for school work. 
  6. When sitting on the chairs or couches, please keep your feet off the tables and furniture. 
  7. Failure to observe library courtesy may result in your being asked to leave.